Next Event April 22nd Happy Hour 5:30 pm.  Presentation 6:15 pm.

A networking (refreshments / snacks included) and speaker series presented by and Digital Brigade.

Like ecosystems found in nature, the digital one comprises the software components, online services, digital devices, business models, and information that reside within it. It enables business to surpass geographic boundaries, and empowers individuals with the power to distribute content and create communities.

What does the digital ecosystem look like for your business, and how can you harness its full potential? Digital Brigade presents a free monthly series of networking and speaker events around the concept of doing business in the new digital ecosystem.  Topics will include:

February 25th 2010- The SPACE (Suspect – Prospect - Account - Client - Evangelist) Engine

Your customers should be your best sales people!!!

In February and March will be discussing the SPACE (Suspect Prospect Account Client Evangelist) engine and how you can adapt it to your business.

In today’s Digital Ecosystem it’s no longer good enough to write some clever copy and put it in a magazine or the yellow pages.  When is the last time you even used a phone book that wasn’t on the internet?  Consumers talk to each other now more than ever.  Advertising to the masses is a sure way to get you a lot of ad bills but very few new clients.

How, then, can you sell and market products in today’s environment?  The SPACE engine is your answer.

In February we’ll be asking the questions that allow you to identify your Suspects.  Questions like:

  • “Who is the person, and what is their situation, for which your service or product is always the best choice?

McDonalds answers this question with:

  • People who can relate to childhood happiness.
  • Parents who want to treat their kids.
  • Kids who want to have fun with their meal.

Do you know your answers?  If you do, what is your plan to make those people into your best salespeople?

Join Digital Brigade and in February as we lay the groundwork for using the SPACE engine to grow your business in the New Digital Ecosystem.

This coursework is licensed from author and free enterprise advocate, Joe Abraham. Learn more at

March 24th – SPACE Engine 2

This topic will go in to detail on moving through the SPACE Engine.  You’ll identify what tools can be used to bring prospects into a no to low risk situation where they can’t help but to do business with you.

This coursework is licensed from author and free enterprise advocate, Joe Abraham. Learn more at

… check back for second quarter topics soon.

April 22nd – Financing Your Company – All Things Cashflow

The old rules of start a business and write off as much as you can so the IRS doesn’t get your money have changed.  Tom Kedrowski, the Manager of Commercial and Alternative Lending at River City Financial will be discussing how recent world events have changed the way banks and other lenders look at your company.  The five points he’ll touch on are…
1. Commercial Lending in today’s lending environment.
2. Credit – How it impacts your ability to borrow money, types of rates and terms you are offered based on your credit score
3. Different Lending Programs offered and what it takes to get a loan in today’s environment
4. Types of lending institutions that you should be doing business with and who you should talk to there
5  All The Things Above Refer Back to 2 Words “CASH FLOW”

Come with questions about finding money for your business or even for your home.


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